Far-reaching change Building culture and capacity

Our name, Wiser Wolf, comes from two family names that honor a multi-generational heritage of educating and working for social change. We are proud to take on the identity of the wolf—an animal that can create a trophic cascade—a chain reaction of positive, far-reaching change. In fact, wolves can change entire ecosystems. We want to work with you to create this kind of change.


Small-but-thoughtful decisions and step-by-step actions can bring real organizational change. Wiser Wolf works with you to initiate positive growth. We’re here to help.

Wiser Wolf helps forge the paths to bring people together from across sectors and generations to innovate and thrive. We have helped individuals and organizations take bold steps to create meaningful change in their own back yards and around the world.


Ready for your organization to be healthier than it’s ever been? It might be simpler than you think. Start by contacting Wiser Wolf. We’ll work together to make you strong.


Reach out today.

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