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Wiser Wolf History

Wiser Wolf principal, Sheila Terryll, brings more than 20 years of a rich, multi-sector work history in leadership and strategy along with current research and pactice in policy work to the front of all Wiser Wolf projects. Sheila’s mastery includes advocacy, policy, fundraising, leadership development, and building partnerships.


Some of the ways we have created change in environments are:


  • Researching, establishing and building local, national and international  philanthropic partnerships

  • Serving as founding Director of a private fundraising organization to develop resources for public education

  • Transforming organizations from dated to relevant, modern-day models

  • Leading fundraising to support grassroots advocacy, resulting in legislative policy and change

  • Guiding annual fundraising, special projects, corporate giving, and capital campaigns

  • Harnessing the power of online giving to create broader donor bases and more inclusive philanthropy

  • Creating core messaging to enable stakeholders to successfully communicate to the largest possible audience


In our experience we have found that facilitating this type of change is best done in partnership, with each person offering complementary skills. Our team  working together for you brings greater impact, faster results, and a lot more fun! That’s why we founded Wiser Wolf.

Building Culture

Building a great culture is not as hard as you might think. We know how and we’re here to help.


One important decision or one small action can lead

to immense organizational growth. 

Far Reaching

We believe that your organization is capable of creating all kinds of good change in the world. 

Owner and Principal 

Terryll blue.jpg
Sheila Terryll

Sheila is a creatively charged strategic visionary. Quick, on-point and results-oriented actions are her calling card; clients say Sheila has “ideas within ideas.”

Sheila Terryll, Owner and Principal

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